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Who I Am

Hi! I’m Tammy, it’s great to finally meet you.


I’m an active duty United States Marine stationed in the Washington, DC area. I’ve been enlisted as a Combat Photographer/Videographer since 2008. I’ve been deployed twice, photographed many cool things in many different countries, worked alongside high ranking military and government officials, flown in more helicopters than I could ever want to, and I once stood in line for two hours on ship just to eat corn dogs for lunch.

I'm a photographer with a business habit, a closet economics nerd, and one who thinks there's nothing more fine in this world than a cat in a Christmas sweater.

My focus outside of military work includes assisting primary wedding photographers, collaborating with other artists, and developing personal fine art projects.

Read more about me and my qualifications up top, browse my portfolio, see what I'm blabbering on about on the blog, connect with me on social media, or shoot me an e-mail.

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