I'm a photojournalist and filmmaker who is in the process of transitioning out of the United States Marine Corps. I was enlisted as a Combat Photographer/Videographer since 2008. I’ve been deployed twice, photographed many cool things in many different countries, blown stuff up, worked alongside high ranking military and government officials, flown in more helicopters than I could ever want to, and I once stood in line for two hours on a ship just to eat corn dogs for lunch.

Currently I freelance for non-profits in the Washington D.C. area and write at One Year Out - a blog documenting my transition from the Marine Corps into civilian life. I also like to collaborate with other artists and creative professionals.  

I have nine years of photojournalism and videography experience throughout my Marine Corps career and have worked in several different countries across two deployments including Djibouti, Jordan, Kuwait, Italy, and Afghanistan. My past video work includes historical documentation over a vast array of military exercises and operations, ceremonies, interviews, tactical site exploitation, training videos, and news packages. 

I am interested in connecting with anyone regardless of industry or experience.