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I’m an active duty United States Marine stationed in the Washington, DC area. I’ve been enlisted as a Combat Photographer/Videographer since 2008. I’ve been deployed twice, photographed many cool things in many different countries, blown stuff up, worked alongside high ranking military and government officials, flown in more helicopters than I could ever want to, and I once stood in line for two hours on a ship just to eat corn dogs for lunch.

I'm a creative professional with a business habit, a closet economics nerd, a habitual NPR addict, and someone who enjoys the technical process of product creation along with the excellent time I had making it. I enjoy putting my all into a hard days work and having that exhausting sense of a job well done at the end of the day. 


Currently I am employed full time shooting, producing, and editing videos for Headquarters Marine Corps Combat Camera in Washington, D.C.

I spend my free time assisting primary wedding photographers, focusing on my own portraiture and personal work, or continuing to expand my skill set in photography and video production.

I am currently pursing my Bachelors of Science in Business with a Marketing emphasis.

I am looking to network with working professionals to improve my own skill set, share knowledge, collaborate on creative projects, and be part of a team comprised of fun people who aren't going to hate when I go back for seconds at the Dunkin' Donuts box.





Seven years of photojournalism experience

Seven years of video production experience including: pre-production, scripting, shooting, news-gathering, events and ceremonies, conducting interviews, lighting, editing, audio capturing, and post-production.

Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Encore, and other Creative Suite platforms.

Significant experience working under tight deadlines in adverse conditions to include domestic and international environments.

Experienced with AP Style writing to include articles and photographic captions. 

Experience in retail sales and studio management. 

An excellent addition to any Capture the Flag team.



It's crazy out there! So hook up with a partner who's got your back on the battlefield.

I love connecting with creative individuals in many industries. There are a variety of ways to contact me and follow what I do. So hit me up and let's do lunch (or coffee, or dinner, or kickball!).


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